For Men if you are looking to tackle signs of anti aging then our HIFU treatment Avonmouth is perfect. We offer the latest non-surgical, clinically proven technology, for lifting and tightening the face and neck.

Non surgical facelift Men Avonmouth

What is a Non surgical Facelift:

A non-surgical facelift Avonmouth is a method of reducing facial wrinkles related to age or otherwise by non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures.

Within the past several years, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) face lifting has become a popular aesthetic device for achieving great skin lifting results in the face and other body parts.

The new technology works very well that the skin and the tissues do not get damaged.

It naturally stimulates the production of a structural protein in the skin known as collagen that gives a person a younger look.

How HIFU Works

As a man ages, production of collagen reduces. Therefore making the face and neck to start getting lose and elastic therefore a person starts to notice sagging.

This may raise concerns as one may seem older beyond their years.

The usage of HIFU treatment is supposed to help a man look younger or remove the wrinkles. It uses Ultrasound energy to target deep the layers of the skin.

The energy is administered at temperatures or about 65c. Targeting the right areas can help jump-start the healing process.

Additionally, this improves synthesis and regeneration of collagen in skin tissues. With increase in collagen, a man’s skin starts to tighten and lift hence removing the wrinkles.

HIFU reaches tissues deep in the skin that other non-invasive treatments can’t be reach. This is the reason that it is popular technology.

Treatment areas with HIFU

This treatment method helps to get remove wrinkles and lines from the face on;
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Brows
  • Forehead
  • Nose to mouth region

Benefits of HIFU from LA Lipo Avonmouth

Everybody aspires to have a stronger, healthier and younger skin. The technological breakthrough of HIFU in the field of dermatology enables the natural beauty of the skin by eliminating sagging. Some of the benefits that HIFU offers to men include;

Long-lasting Effect

The results of HIFU lasts a long period of time. After getting a HIFU procedure, a patients can go up to 2 years without requiring another treatment.

Faster Recovery

Recovering from non-surgical facelift treatment requires less recovery time.

Less Painful

It is painless and comfortable. The procedure involves Ultrasound energy that penetrates the skin without causing any pain and damage to the skin. This method does not need Anaesthesia to perform or sedation because it is quick and painless. It is clinically proven, safe and free of complication. The Ultrasound energy waves pass through the skin rapidly heating the dermal tissues making significantly low-level of injury on the skin hence its safety.

Great results

It works on any skin complexion of a man. Treatment by HIFU helps rejuvenation of the skin hence making the skin to glow for anybody.

It is non-invasive. HIFU does not need any surgical procedures which are painful, expensive and takes longer to heal. It has the capability to reach depth that other non-invasive treatments could not achieve.

Effective and Inexpensive

Treatment with HIFU gives results within just one treatment hence its effectiveness and less expensive. Patients can return to their normal way of life immediately after treatment.

Faster Recovery

Tightening and lifting of the skin is usually observed  immediately after HIFU is performed. The results can be noted over the coming weeks or months due to increased formation of collagen.

Skin treatment are administered repeatedly until it won’t do any good to continue. The number of repetitions done depend on the area covered, patient’s goal and how far the skin sagging. The effectiveness of the treatment depends very much on the ability of the skin to rejuvenate.

For most men, a single treatment can last six months to twelve months with the skin being at the peak around the midway and then gradual regression takes place again. The treatment may need four sessions in order to achieve the desired maximum response.

HIFU helps to reduce deposits of fat on the skin and on the blood vessels hence improving blood circulation. Also, with reduction of fat deposits, acne problems are reduced hence a smooth face with no scars.

The effectiveness of HIFU makes the eyes of a patient look more open, the brows to be lifted, the lines on the forehead to be reduced and the large pores are eliminated. After the elasticity is restored, the skin will be more supple and softer.

Care after HIFU

The most important part of any treatment is maintenance. It is important to have regular visits to the doctor for check-ups and taking seriously prescribed anti-inflammatory creams and sun blocks. Sometimes dermatological ointments can help to maintain a good skin structure as well as proper diet.